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Invite Guests with e-Mail, SMS-Text, or Print them


Party Place Invites design

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What types of businesses are good for Party Place Invites ?


Inflatables, Zoos, Trampoline Parks, Bowling Alleys, Skating Rinks, Museums, Gaming facilities, Amusement Centers, Laser Tag Facilities, Paintball Parks… any place where parties happen!


Ok, It is cliché to say ‘any’ party business would be good for Party Place Invites, but it is especially true if your business is providing organized parties of any kind, where inviting guests is necessary. If your business already has pre-printed invitations, it is a great expense reduction to use our product. If you don’t have invitations at all or just have a .PDF for the customer to print their own invites, then our product is excellent for enhancing your party services and helps your customer organize their party.  Let the ease of Party Place Invites make your business look more professional and delight your customers.


Are there really no contracts or hidden fees?


Right, there really are no contracts or hidden fees. Our prices are our prices and you can cancel at any time. Our price includes UNLIMITED use of our online invitations per location.


Why do we only charge $10 per month?


Because we developed this software for our own party business back in 2012 and we truly want to help other party businesses.  And since we also use this software for all of our invitations, we pay for the hosting and other costs, and DO NOT pass that on to you.  So enjoy!!!


Do I need to know website coding to use this product?


Nope. This is a product that we host and manage.  Once a party at your facility is booked, you simple log into Party Place Invites and enter in a few details and click Send - that's it!  From there, your customers would receive their confirmation email with a link to our website for them to invite their guests, manage their RSVPs, etc.  You however as a business owner, can always log-in to see the details of your parties.


How long will it take me to get signed up and using online invites?


Same day. As soon as you complete your account setup and choose your invitation design(s) that you want to offer your customers, you can start using your online invitations. Most people are up and running in less than an hour.


What if I already have invitations (printed or .PDF) or don’t have invitations at all?


Tell your printer you are going green and going online! If your business already has pre-printed invitations, it is a great expense reduction to use our product. If you don’t have invitations at all or just have a .PDF for the customer to print their own invites, then our product is excellent for enhancing your party services and not putting the invite task all on the customer – let the ease of Party Place Invites Online make your business look more professional and delight your customers and their guests.

Can I use my own invitation design or do I have to use your designs?


We have several free designs to choose from of which you can upload your logo onto. If you don’t like any of those choices, you can certainly use your own invitation design. For custom invitations, however, we have a one-time $99 fee, since we have to have our designers re-create your invitation design into our system. If having your invitation is important to your brand, just let us know and we would be happy to develop this for you.


Can I customize the email message for the Party Host and for the party guest?


Yes and Yes. Many of our customers want to place special messages in their invitations, such as a reminder and a link to fill out a waiver.  Or, messaging about their facility being peanut free, for example, giving the party customer and their guests some helpful hints before showing up for the party.


Can I still print your online invitation if I need to?


Yes. There are some cases where you have to print the online invitations, such as sending general invites to a child’s classroom. We have several printing options and the good thing is that it will contain a link to the same website for the invitee to RSVP to your party.


How does your online invite benefit the party Host and Party Guests?


Your customer (the party host) is given an email with the party confirmation and all details. It includes a button to send invites, receives automatic RSVPs, and a customized message to all the guests. Plus, the party host seems really cool when sending online invites, and we like cool. The party guests can simply click YES – MAYBE – NO, add a special note and they are done! The whole thing is easy and really simple to use.


How does your online invite benefit me, the party place business owner?


Party Place Invite Online enhances the quality of the services you provide, makes life easier on the party host and guests, and allows you to market your services to each and every party guest when they receive the invite. Think about it, delighting your customer and having free marketing to every invited guest, for every party.


How do I get started?


Simply click here and as easy as 1-2-3, you will be ready to use Party Place Invites Online. Contact us with any questions.



How do I get billed?


We bill monthly based on the credit card you provided during setup. If you took advantage of the discount for a yearly plan, that is a one-time billing at the time of sign up.  Please note:  Your billing statement will say "Party Place Invites."  We use SSL and are PCI-DSS compliant.  We do not store any credit card information.


Do you offer any discounts for multiple locations?


We have different pricing models for businesses with over 10 locations. If you fall into this category, we will be happy to share this with you.


How do I get technical support?


We have a team located in South Carolina (account support) and in Maryland (website hosting in the cloud), and Engineering located in Florida ready to support you. We have two methods:

E-mail – (we have 24 hour response or less)

Phone # provided once you begin your account.


Is your system secure?


Yes!  We are cloud hosted with a major provider.  We are SSL encrypted.  We don't store any credit card information.  We are PCI-DSS complaint.  Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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