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Invite Guests with e-Mail, SMS-Text, or Print them


Party Place Invites design

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1.  Delighting your customers and their guests


You can now offer your customers a feature-rich online invitation system, which they can use to easily manage their parties by seeing all guest's RSVPs, using auto-reminders prior to party date, sending custom messages to all invited guests, selecting creative invite designs, one-click mobile RSVPs, and so much more.

2.  Promoting your party packages & brand

All invitations will have your brand, your logo, your messaging on every invite for every invited guest to see.  It is free marketing.


3.  Getting rid of printed invites or .PDF downloads


If you are buying card-stock invites, printing them in your facility, or asking your customers to download a .PDF of your invite, then going digital is the way to go.  Plus, our solution is eco-friendly by reducing paper waste.

4.  Managing & viewing all your booked parties in one spot


If you don't have party booking system, which are expensive, you can easily see all the parties booked, both future and past and use that list to plan your staffing.  We are a great addition if your party booking software doesn't have true online invites.

5.  Capturing all customer emails for future marketing

Easily export customer emails captured in our online system to use in future email marketing campaigns or import into an email campaign program that you already own.  We follow all FTC CAN-SPAM rules.


6.  Being up and running in 30 minutes or less


We love talking to our customers, but you don't have to talk to us to get started.  With self-enroll, you can be up and running and offering invites to your customers in less than 30 minutes.


7.  Inviting guests using email, SMS-text, social media, or print if needed


Today, people use all kinds of methods for communicating.  Our system allows for email, text, and social media... so your customers can reach all of their guests more easily.

8.  Increasing guest attendance by using our one-click RSVP on mobile


People are busy... guests can receive a notification on their phone when they are invited to a party and can RSVP with one-click.

9.  Offering your customers as many invitations designs as you want


We have many templates to choose from that you can offer your customers.  Or, we can create a custom design for you.

10.  Using our automated Thank You notes (1 week after party/event)


When a party is over, sometimes it is difficult to go buy thank you notes, fill them out, and then mail them.  With our system, 1 week after the party concludes, our system will automatically send Thank You notes to all your invited guests.


11.  And one more just for fun... our product is only $10 per month for unlimited use 


No other product offers these great features for this price.

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