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Getting Started is Easy!

Invite Guests with e-Mail, SMS-Text, or Print them

No credit card needed to sign up and try it out.


Party Place Invites design

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You can sign-up, setup your invites, and start offering your party customers online invitations in less than 30 minutes!

Step 1.JPG

Step 1 - Choose Template


  • Upload your logo

  • Choose desired invitation design(s)​

Step 2.JPG

Step 2 - Enter Account Details


  • Create your account with your user ID, name, email, and password​
Step 3.JPG

Step 3 - Enter Your Business Info


  • Enter business name, address, and more


Congrats!  Your Account is setup


  • Now you can begin administering your accounts (adding users if you wish, setting default party times and more!)​

  • And... you can start sending invites to your customers to use so they can invite all their guests to your business!

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